AMP and Fortum

AMP and Fortum have signed a significant cooperation agreement.

AMP and Fortum bring environmentally friendly materials to commercial and office building.

Eco-friendly fibers and adhesives processed from agricultural by-products, which are used to manufacture responsibly produced textiles and plywood for the needs of commercial and office building. In a nutshell, the concept with which the AMP companies specializing in responsible commercial and office construction and Fortum’s Bio2X program will start a collaboration.

“In cooperation with Fortum, we bring the environmentally friendly raw materials of the circular economy to commercial and office construction, for example as furniture and upholstery solutions,” says AMP CEO Jarmo Kallioniemi.

“We have been doing significant research and development work for a long time to produce resource-efficient and fossil-free raw materials. Value chains are quite long when high-value products are made from scraps. It’s great to see how our products, in cooperation with AMP, end up as upholstery and furniture solutions for commercial and office construction and thus promote the industry’s environmental friendliness and responsibility. The cooperation with AMP that is starting now is significant, because it enables Bio2X’s products to be taken concretely to customers,” says Fortum’s director of bio-based solutions Heli Antila.

”We consider the cooperation agreement signed now to be a very significant step for the entire industry”, emphasizes Kallioniemi.

Photo: Fortum’s Vice President Heli Antila and Amp’s CEO Jarmo Kallioniemi shake hands at the signing ceremony.